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(Unlimited Group Training & 1x/week Digital Private Training Package

$195.99 Sale $95.00

  • 28 Minute Virtual 1on1 session/week (4) 1st month
  • Nutritional Advice
  • Face to Face Interaction with Expert Trainer
  • Each session tailored specifically for YOU!
  • Unlimited Live Stream classes sign up to workout
  • Unlimited Zoom classes (face to face small group virtually)
  • On-Demand Library classes participate when best for YOU!
  • Learn in 1on1 execute in Classes

This package includes a 22minute virtual one on one session with an expert trainer. This private training includes interaction with the trainer and client getting to work out face to face with your trainer. Developing and cuing a platform of exercises for you to work on designed for you. Also unlimited Live Stream and Zoom classes. If you cannot make the live stream time, no worries! There are a library of on demand classes available and you have access to previous classes before you have even signed up! There is something for everyone! This package is the best of both worlds. Learn and evolve through your one on ones and practice executing these skills in your live stream classes!     * New clients only for promotional pricing 



Unlimited Group Classes Package Zoom or Live Stream classes AND on-demand library


This package includes unlimited group classes! Sign up for our Zoom or Live Stream classes AND get access to a whole on-demand library. Have a busy schedule? You can take your class when YOU are available. Or, if you are one that needs time and structure sign up for a live class so the instructor can see you are taking it and hold you for accountability. There are classes for everyone, HIIT, body building, toning, stretching, active restore, and much more with our Cycle360Trainer™.   * New clients only for promotional pricing

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Main Group

You can choose multiple levels from this group.

Passion for fitness Package

$195.99 per Month.

360 Class Pass

$0.00 now and then $95.00 per Month.

Senior Work outs

$50.00 per Month.

New Year New You

$250.00 per Month.

More information about Private Virtual Training

Our virtual studio is like being at your own private studio!

We bring the knowledge and trainer to you through screen! Having your Cycle360trainer™ with your own personal coach coaching our tailored full attention 360training program designs. While exercising you will be getting constant feedback and motivation from your coach. Making sure you are executing each movement correctly and finishing strong! Leaving the 360 virtual training sessions feeling empowered, sweaty and safe from joint impacting exercises. We use FaceTime or Zoom to hold these sessions. If you want/need that one on one attention to better the body private virtual training is for you! We will also send you a bonus 7 day meal plan and Grocery list.

Once your program has been designed, you will be utilizing our 1-on-1 digital sessions with our personal training fitness coaches and/or our Zoom, Livestream and on-demand fitness classes. Your expert fitness coaches are there to coach you, hold you accountable, and motivate you throughout your journey. You will learn to thrive and progress in the classes on your own from the skills you learn in your personal training sessions.