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A Better, More Complete Workout – including the Upper Body with less Stress on the lower body. Strengthening the Glutes & Back. Nearly Silent, so you can work out when everyone else is asleep

The 360 Trainer offers a superior workout, not just of your lower body like traditional exercise bikes – but of your upper body as well, with far less stress and pain to your knees, back and glutes. In addition, its’ unique design allows for a nearly SILENT workout, so you can have a serious workout, even during odd hours.

Until now, you could only enjoy the tremendous benefits of the 360 Trainer in an elite exercise class, but starting today you can enjoy its’ benefits at home or the gym when it fits YOUR schedule.


Starting at $133/mo with Prequalify now

Additional information

Weight 136 lbs
Dimensions 121 × 66 × 121 cm
  • The use is easily learned and applied. This is a technology which is comfortable, easy to use, and adaptable to a range of body sizes and types and involves a relatively small investment in time.
  • Use results in improved maintenance of and/or increase in cardiovascular body tone.
  • User is able to work aerobically, at anaerobic threshold, or anaerobically, and to easily transition among the three.
  • Use comprises working all joints through a natural range of motion against a constant force of applied resistance.
  • Use simultaneously exercises the upper and lower body through a natural range of motion.
  • Use deliberately isolates and focuses on the conditioning of the musculature of the back to increase spine stabilization.
  • Use promotes the maintenance or improvement of overall anatomic function (strength, flexibility, aerobic and anaerobic conditioning).
  • Use can be sport-specific.
  • Use has minimal joint impact forces and low soft tissue stress influences. This thereby limits the potential of inducing stress injuries or aggravating pre-existing ones.
  • Use incorporates enhancing repair while increasing: strength; range of motion; and restoring an integrated function with the rest of the body regardless of the situs of the injury being rehabilitated.

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Display Type - LCD Display - Time, RPM, Distance, Pulse, Calories, Watt Resistance System - Manual Magnetic Transmissions System  - V-Belt Fly Wheel - 402 MM(3.4 Kgs) Transmissions Ratio - 1:10 Resistance Level - 20 Power - Battery(Computer) Max. User Weight - Package Weight 136 lb Max. Watt - 300 WATT LxWxH - 49"x15"x30" Unit Weight - 136 lbs Assembly - Assembly ($150), No Assembly

9 reviews for 360 Trainer

  1. Lisa Kadin

    I love my Cycle 360! I finally found a sustainable cardio regimen that I enjoy and that allows me to challenge myself without risk of strain or injury. The Cycle 360 is sturdy, engineered for optimal posturing, works out major muscle groups simultaneously and operates quietly. I highly recommend it!

  2. Lisa Kadin

    I love my Cycle 360! I finally found a sustainable cardio regimen that I enjoy. I am able to continually challenge myself to go further because there is no post-workout strain or injury. Each time I use the Cycle 360, I feel energized and inspired to do more!

  3. Carol Ann (verified owner)

    I love my Cycle360. It’s a great workout by itself. Or I intersperse it with some weights for interval training. I love how many calories I burn and how much energy I have after I use it. It’s well built and super quiet. Cycle360 has been a great addition to my workouts and I highly recommend it.

  4. Heather

    Great bike! Glad I have it in my living room!

  5. Ann

    I tried spin classes and did not like any of them then I tried the 360 and I now have my own. I feel great after I finish- no knee, hip or back issues. I am now able to get that cardio workout I needed.

  6. Scott

    All Around Fantastic Trainer

    by Scott –

    I have been a pretty serious road rider for many years. In the winter months I took to a cycle ops indoor trainer. A few years ago, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and elected to go the surgery route. The recovery was fast, but I ran into a problem with a bike seat. I tried every different type of seat and still had issues with pain and numbness. I tried the cycle 360 trainer at my personal trainers’ location and fell in love with it. I joined in on classes and soon discovered the Cycle 360 trainer was a fantastic replacement for my stationary bike and a much better all-around trainer. I bought one a several months ago and train on it three to four days a week. To date I have over 7,000 kilometers on it with not one issue both on the bike or myself. This trainer is a rock star, the standing position is great on my back and my seat. My Cycle ops sits right aside of my 360 trainer and I have not been on it more than twice since the day I bought the Cycle 360 trainer.

  7. Nora


    Thank you again so much for the Cycle360trainer™!
    I am so so grateful for being able to ride the Cycle360trainer™! I was frustrated for many years trying various types of cardio, all of which irritated and caused me pain since I have herniations in my cervical spine. I had pretty much given up ever being able to do cardio again. My neck had become so sensitive that even walking through my home was too much impact for those vertebrae.

    Then, I was invited to try the Cycle360trainer™. I will admit, I assumed it would be just like every other piece of cardio equipment I’ve tried that ended up hurting me. But since I had nothing to lose, I gave it a shot. I was surprised and happy that I was wrong! I can finally do cardio again without it causing me months of pain in a flare up. There is literally no impact and it feels like I’m working out on a cloud! The cycle is smooth, fun to use, gives me a great work out, its quiet and fits well in a small space.

    I can’t tell you how frustrated I was to not be able to do cardio (of any kind) for so long. I love this bike!!! I highly recommend a Cycle360trainer™ to anyone who feels like they’ve tried everything else and it hasn’t worked, or other equipment wasn’t comfortable or caused them pain. This bike is like nothing else. I think anyone would be pleasantly surprised with a Cycle360trainer™.

  8. Julia

    I couldn’t believe how hard I worked. How many calories I burned and I felt great! But what was even more amazing, the next day I felt no pain.

  9. Kendra

    Once I got on the bike I was sold. I was addicted. I feel a renewed sense of energy when I get off the bike.

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