The Optimal Posture Performance


  • A low intensity, warm-up for before running and recovery for after running
  • A high intensity exercise regimen, that doesn’t burn out users so they can maintain a sustained effort at the limits of the anaerobic threshold
  • Develops the intense anaerobic strength required for running hills and sprinting while minimizing the injury risk that may come with high intensity training
  • The Cycle360Trainer design allows the user to change positions and to maintain a more natural upright stance that mimics running with less stress and strain
  • Simulates running techniques, yet enables Users to decrease the risk of stress related injuries that come with running on uneven surfaces. By building the Users strength in a low impact workout, Users will strengthen the muscles that will improve their performance and decrease the risk of injury when they do run on a variety of surfaces.
  • Users can maintain rehabilitate running induced stress and overuse injuries, while maintaining muscular strength and endurance that would otherwise be lost

Sports And Cardiovascular Performance Benefits

  • Activates pelvic muscles, the most powerful group of muscles in the body that are key to the efficient use of a person’s upper and lower extremities.
  • The flexibility to be a superior training tool for all sports. The Cycle360Trainer design allows Users to emphasize any sport specific balance position, which will improve overall body function (strength, flexibility, conditioning) with the tailor the workout to enhance key anatomic regions.
  • Users can derive significant benefits in little time while undertaking physical rehabilitation, athletic cross-training or cardiovascular exercise.
  • Works across a larger cross section of skeletal musculature moving all joints through a natural range of motion against a constant force of applied resistance (agonistically and antagonistically).

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